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Discrete Private Investigations Services

Cold Steel Private Investigations is a practical, discrete way to learn the truth about everyday uncertainties. From skip tracing to running background checks on your daughter's questionable boyfriend, we help countless clients throughout the area of Pensacola, Florida.

Child Custody

Nothing can truly match the peace of mind parents get from knowing their child is safe. That's why we help people who are recently divorced and engaged in custody battles to make sure that their child is being properly taken care of in the current environment. While our child custody service is primarily for courts, Cold Steel Private Investigations in Pensacola, Florida, is proud to offer it to parents in need.

Infidelity Investigations

Whether the person in question is your spouse or just a boyfriend or girlfriend, we can help you find out if he or she is cheating. Even if you believe a relative is being cheated on and lied to, we can look into it and give you the evidence needed to help your family member see the truth. Get justice if your fears are confirmed or peace of mind if they are not.

Child Custody Investigations in Pensacola, FL

Skip Tracing

When you need to track someone down, you need a private investigator from Cold Steel Private Investigations. This is not for missing persons, but for finding people who need to be located to pay a debt, receive court papers, or something similar. Using cutting-edge technology, we are often able to promptly find the location of the individual you are looking for.

Activity Checks

These simple check-ins let you verify that a certain person is alive and well. Activity checks are especially vital for older individuals receiving money on a fixed income. We are able to make sure that this money is finding its way to the right person and not being stolen by a stranger or even another member of the family.

General Surveillance

The services described above only represent our most common cases. Surveillance can be used to identify individuals or confirm whereabouts in a myriad of ways. Get in touch with us to discuss any unique surveillance needs you have.